Reach Financial Independence in 5 Simple Steps.

It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense, and learn the tools, habits and mindset that work, when it comes to reaching financial independence. Check out our free demo lesson.

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Course Overview


Unit 1: The Financial Independence Formula

In this unit you will learn the financial independence formula and the mindset necessary to become financially independent.

DEMO Lesson 1: The financial independence formula

Lesson 2: Why money matters

Lesson 3: Your financial independence number

Lesson 4: Pay yourself first


Unit 2: How to Make Money

In this unit you will learn how much money you need to make to reach financial independence.

Lesson 1: Two steps to making money

Lesson 2: How much money do you need to make?

Lesson 3: How to find a well-paid job that you don’t dread

Lesson 4: How to make money without losing self-respect


Unit 3: How to Save Money

In this unit you will learn how much money you need to save to reach financial independence.

Lesson 1: Why saving money is important

Lesson 2: How to start an emergency fund

Lesson 3: The most effective strategy to get out of debt

Lesson 4: How to save more money

Lesson 5: How to automate your savings


Unit 4: How to Grow Money

In this unit you will learn how to grow your money in a simple and effective way to reach financial independence.

Lesson 1: Why investing money is important

Lesson 2: How to invest your money

Lesson 3: How to open an investment account

Lesson 4: How to invest in the stock market


Unit 5: How to Remain Consistent

In this unit you will learn how to consistently practice the habits necessary to reach financial independence.

Lesson 1: Pulling it all together

Lesson 2: The four step investment strategy

Lesson 3: Committing to the growth of your money


Bonus: Beat 90% of All Professional Money Managers

At the end of the course you can download a cheat sheet that will show you how I have beaten 90% of professional money managers over time.


What Others Are Saying…


I’ve avoided my finances since I graduated college with student loan debt. A friend of mine suggested this course, which was surprisingly easy to follow! I am happy I took the course because I now know I’ll pay off this debt and be good for retirement even on a teacher’s salary! Definitely recommend this course!



I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give the course a shot. I’m glad I did because I learned a simple strategy that has helped me rethink my personal finances and helped me put together a plan to become financially secure.



Thanks to the strategies I learned about in the Monkey Money Course, I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m addressing my debt, setting up my retirement accounts, and practicing the habit of making, saving, and growing my money. Couldn’t be happier about it!



What You Get

  • LIFETIME ACCESS - after you pay once, you get lifetime access to the course, even as the course grows and evolves overtime

  • GUARANTEED - there is a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - get weekly emails encouraging you to complete the next lesson

  • SUPPORT - I’m around to give you any support you need, just email me at!

  • SIMPLE - the course was written in a way that anyone can understand

  • ACTIONABLE - after each unit, you will understand exactly what steps to take

  • EVOLVING - the course will evolve over time with improvements and new features



How is this course structured?

The course is divided up into 5 units. Each unit has between 3-5 lessons. Each lesson includes a learning goal, the lesson content, and a homework assignment. The homework assignment are worksheets that you can download and complete. To keep you accountable, you will receive a weekly email containing the next lesson.


Will I have access to the instructor?

I am always on email. If you have questions, need support, or just want to say hi, you can always email me at I’m quick to respond.


Is it worth my money?

If you’re willing to put in the work and implement the strategies I teach, then this course will be well worth the investment. This course can alter your financial well being; from being inundated in student loans, to being financially independent.


Are you the right teacher for me?

I’ve been a teacher for 6 years. I’ve been investing my money for 15 years. I’ve been working in tech for 3 years. I took what I know best (investing, teaching, and tech) and created Monkey Money to help support those willing to learn.


Why $59?

First, there are costs involved in running a website. Second, I want to market the Monkey Money Course to the public and this costs money. Third, I want to make a bit of money for all the hard work I’ve put into this. And finally, I want to keep the cost low enough for anyone to be able to access.


What else will I learn?

You are going to learn everything that I do to make, save, and invest my money consistently overtime. This has worked for me, it’s worked for many others, and it’s a strategy endorsed by many financial advisers and experts.


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100% money back guarantee in first 30 days!